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Burlesque Fitness Instructor Training

The course is workshop based, enabling students to gain confidence and practical skills to plan and teach a class. The course also covers the theoretical knowledge to be able to advise participants of safe and effective routines and techniques suitable for fitness and performance.

Burlesque Instructor Training  - Burlesque Passion is an Accredited Teacher Training Provider

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This award will qualify the individual to become a burlesque instructor either on a 1-2-1 basis or in a group session.

Course aims:
The course will provide and prepare the instructor, to design and teach mixed ability groups and individuals, the burlesque principle, integrating techniques and performance skills which will allow you to add variety to your sessions

Course objectives:
To deliver high quality training, which prepares students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to instruct at the highest level.
To equip the instructor with professional and quality of training in a supportive, fun and educational manner

Course outcomes: 
The course will provide and prepare you, the instructor, to design and teach mixed ability groups and individuals at beginner level the burlesque techniques which will allow you to add variety to your sessions.

You will learn:

 - How to apply the principles of Burlesque techniques to include correct body posture, breathing, core stability, dance steps, transitions, clothing and costume removal, the use of props, warm up cool down and stretches specific to burlesque.
 - Apply variations to increase or decrease exercise intensity and flexibility.
 - Modify for specific body types, postural issues and conditions.
 - Teach effectively and communicate using visual and verbal techniques specific to burlesque, encouraging through client motivation.
 - Customer & instructor safety.
 - Risk Assessments for both venues and Instructors.
 - Suitable clothing and costume recommendations.
 - Learn about burlesque accessories and pasties and nipple tassels.
 - Advice and help on weekly planning and structuring burlesque fitness lessons and workshops.
 - Advise and access to continual ongoing business and training support opportunities, progressive training to advanced performance techniques and beyond with master performers and instructors.
 - Web opportunities, to link with Passion Fitness & Burlesque Parties world wide 

All practical and theory tuition will be supported via detailed course booklets, comprehensive support workbooks and pictures

Where are the courses held?

Currently in various venues on the South Coast & In Yorkshire

Email us for more information: theteam @ 

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