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Burlesque Instructor Training

We offer two courses

One Day Burlesque Instructor Training certification Course is an accredited Burlesque course and perfect for those with little or no experience, or those who have taken a few classes before.

Time: 9:30 – 5:30pm
Cost: £160 per person / £50 deposit payment. Balance payable within 4 weeks of the course


1 day course aims, objectives & outcomes: One Day Burlesque Course includes certification recognised by gyms and dance schools. By successfully completing the 1 day module you will receive the knowledge and be able to vary and teach burlesque routines and choreography, including progressive moves to accommodate mixed ability groups. You do not need to go on and teach from our course. Many students do it for new life skill and a personal confidence boost too and to add to their personal repertoire.

You may offer these sessions with or without props and costumes and variations will be offered throughout the day so you can vary the sessions to suit your clientèle and your personal teaching comfort levels

You must be minimum 18yrs of age and while you do not have to be of a certain size you do need to be physically fit as the burlesque fit tuition is demanding.

Teaching ability will be a bonus but again not necessary.

So if you want to be apart of the NEXT fitness craze then call our team on:  07753 585054 for registration and payment.



A 2 Day Comprehensive Burlesque Instructor Course ~ £599 per person

If you are learning Burlesque for personal confidence and to teach then our one day course will give you everything you need. If however, you want to learn the art of tease and burlesque performance choreograph, then this is where you'll pick up all the essential information for creating your own lessons and performance

Our 2 day Burlesque Course is suitable for all with an eagerness and willingness to learn, however, is also ideal for dance trained students holding teaching certificates from a recognised teaching organisation such as RAD, BATD, ISTD or BBO and preferably with performance experience in the burlesque and cabaret genre, will be of a huge benefit. Also experienced ETM (Exercise to Music ) qualified candidates and studio and fitness instructors, personal trainers, dancers of other disciplines with a background in dance and fitness who are looking to improve their range of skills and to enhance their employability within the fitness and dance domain.

If you are looking for something FUN then this training is for you. This award will qualify you as a burlesque instructor either on a 1-2-1 basis or in a group session.

The course is workshop based, enabling students to gain confidence and practical skills to plan and teach a fitness class. The course also covers the theoretical knowledge to be able to advise participants of safe and effective routines and techniques suitable for fitness and performance.

2-day course aims, objectives & outcomes:
The course will provide and prepare the instructor, to design and teach mixed ability groups and individuals, the burlesque principle, integrating techniques and performance skills which will allow you to add variety to your sessions.

To deliver high-quality training, which prepares students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to instruct at the highest level, and to equip the instructor with professional and quality of training in a supportive, fun and educational manner

The course will provide and prepare you, the instructor, to design and teach mixed ability groups and individuals at beginner level the burlesque techniques which will allow you to add variety to your sessions.

You will learn:


  • How to apply the principals of Burlesque techniques to include correct body posture, breathing, core stability, dance steps, transitions, clothing and costume removal, the use of props, warm up cool down and stretches specific to burlesque.

  • Apply variations to increase or decrease exercise intensity and flexibility.

  • Modify for specific body types, postural issues and conditions.

  • Teach effectively and communicate using visual and verbal techniques specific to burlesque, encouraging through client motivation.

  • Customer & instructor safety.

  • Risk Assessments for both venues and Instructors.

  • Suitable clothing and costume recommendations.

  • Learn about burlesque accessories and pasties and nipple tassels. Advice and help on weekly planning and structuring burlesque fitness lessons and workshops.

Group instruction & accredited certification is £599 per person (over 3 days)

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