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How Burlesque Saved Me... True Story

This is a true story.


Driving home one evening, my phone rang. An unknown number so not sure what to expect but the caller introduced herself as Julie from Brighton. She started asking non-specific questions about this Art of Seduction course. I could tell there was more to the call so interrupted her and said, 'Julie, why don't you tell me what's really on your mind'


Short version, she was having relationship problems and her boyfriend had just dumped her. Her boss was getting fed up with her tardy behaviour and was threatening a discipline meeting to discuss her future. She was on anti-depressants and suffering anxiety and depression where her doctor was recommending she considers seeing a psychiatrist. 


She asked if I could help?


I told her she has two choices, either spend the next year talking to a psychiatrist, or come to me for a 2-hour lesson and see if she feels I can make a difference.


She chose option 2 and we met the very next evening. She booked for the next day too!


She called me to update me after going back to work. She said her work colleagues couldn't believe the change in her demeanour and positive approach, her boss praised her on her attitude. She met her ex-boyfriend for lunch and he couldn't keep his eyes off her.


Needless to say, she ditched the anti-depressants and instead of years of therapy, turned her life around in 2 days.


Life-changing skills can be delivered in many ways, but through Burlesque it allowed Julie to become a sex goddess and start living confidently through action rather than hear words repeated to her. We know that positive actions reinforce positive beliefs and prevent the possibility of slipping back into old habits.


We teach actions and a new way to be.


In simple terms, Think of a superhero wearing a cloak. How do they stand. Walk, how confident do they look. Art of Seduction is the cloak we give you to be that superhero. Just standing at a bus stop will get you noticed.

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