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Hi, my name is Kay Penney ~ (AnA Dupre) ~  founder of Burlesque Passion hoping to sprinkle a little Goddess magic and passion into your lives.


Our professional Burlesque instructors and seasoned performers will show you how to follow in the footsteps of Gypsy Rosa Lee, Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese as you learn the sexy art and techniques of Burlesque, for Confidence, Fitness, Empowerment & FUN!

Explore what burlesque really is – the history, the craft and the glorious moves. 


Learn to use and wear feather boas, stockings, corsets and gloves with graceful beauty and charm and all for stunning effect! 


Chair dance with sassy sexy style and practise the art of polesque as you walk into the parlour of Burlesque Passion to transform your life!

This is what you girls have been waiting for, so grab your corsets and shake those tassels…it’s time to shimmy for FUN & fitness!!! 

Our courses offer Burlesque performance, choreography, body confidence for individual learning or teacher training standard if you would like to start your own Burlesque business with parties or performance.

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